All of us have sometime or the other have suffered from the pain and discomfort caused by ill-fitting shoes. We know that it is certainly not a welcome thought because no one likes bruised toes and blisters. Here are a few important tips that will protect you from the pains of ill-fitting shoes.

Everything starts with the wrong choice of shoes. We always go by the shoe size and the shoe sizes are based on certain standard measurements. We also know that no two people’s feet measure the same. The sizes are just based on approximations. When you buy your creeper shoes of a certain size, you just hope that the fitting matches your feet.

The shoes you purchase are not custom designed. When you buy your shoes from the most trusted brands, they would have perfected their designs over a period to ensure the best fitting for each size regardless of the design. You will not have this advantage when you go with mediocre brands and the women’s Mary Janes or the combat boots will have poor fitting. You should therefore always choose the most popular and well-established brands.

When you go with pointed shoes, the chances of facing issues with the fitting are high. If you happen to have broad toes then you should stay away from pointed shoes. If you are so tempted to go with pointed shoes because you like the designs, choose them for occasions whereby you are not required to wear them for long hours. As far as possible choose shoes with a broad sole so that even if there are issues with the fitting, it will not be unmanageably painful.

Alternatively, choose shoes that are made of stretchable material. This will save you from ill-fitting issues and from the pain or discomfort caused by ill-fitting shoes. Check whether the shoes come with adequate padding in the inside and near the ankle. Shoes that are not well padded will also be painful to wear.

You might wonder how to check all these factors when you are buying your next pair of shoes online as you will not be able to try out the shoes, as you would do with a brick and mortar store. Do not worry, you will not be the first one to buy a particular model pair shoes in most cases. Those who have already purchased will leave their reviews and feedbacks online. You can go by these reviews and feedbacks that are shared out of first-hand experience, which is as good as trying out the shoes yourself.

Trying to skip the screening and review of brands when you buy your new pair of shoes online will prove to be disastrous. Take your time to check not only the designs but also the fitting related reviews and ratings before you place the order for your next pair of shoes. You will be able to find the best fitting shoes online and save yourself from the pain caused by ill-fitting pair of shoes.

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