Positive events can bring ecstasy and a lot of joy to our life. However, the circumstance differs from person to person, occasions such as buying a new house, getting married to the person you love,  securing a dream job etc.

when it comes to purchasing your own home, you indeed seek suggestions from family members and friends regarding the interior decorations of your rooms. The Radha Krishna paintings can give your home a better look.

Bedrooms are special

Whether you are married, in a relationship or single, the bedroom always demands a lot of personalization. People want to feel at ease in their bedroom, so they strongly consider all the aspects of making it worthy, choosing the right mix of lighting and other decorative items, including Radha Krishna paintings.

Paintings to decorate your rooms

Certain types of paintings and artworks can bring a wealth of energy in your place. Been in a relationship, you will undoubtedly want to blossom like flowers with each passing day. Even if you are single, waiting for your right match, you also need positivity inside your bedroom.

Why Radha Krishna paintings?

Many people prefer Radha Krishna Paintings in their bedroom, as it symbolizes eternal love and togetherness. Even a single painting of Radha Krishna brings positivity in your behaviour and thoughts, creating an aura of love and peace. When you love someone, you wish to spend all your moments with him or her with utmost happiness and peace; paintings of Radha Krishna provide such dimension in your life.

Symbol of eternal love

The relationship between Radha and Krishna is considered very special and pious. As per Hindu mythology, Radha is considered to be an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi and Krishna is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The story of their love and togetherness is portrayed beautifully in many paintings. Though Radha and Krishna did not marry each other, the love between them was eternal and sacred.

Light up your love life

Couples who are in love with each other deeply experience moments of love, happiness and tension. Having at least one Radha Krishna painting in your bedroom can bring the much-needed positive vibe, lighting up your love life, enhancing the love you have for your soul mate. As the idols, Radha and Krishna stand for internal love. On the contrary, being single does not mean that you can’t have paintings of Radha Krishna in your bedroom or any other room, having one can help you to get the perfect partner. According to Vastu, besides bedroom you can also place Radha Krishna Paintings on the wall opposite to the gateway of your main room, it will keep away the tensions and worries from your life, giving you a chance to live and enjoy your life the fullest.

Things to consider before buying

Before you buy Radha Krishna paintings for your bedroom, it is essential to believe that you are choosing the right size. Usually, the art created on rice paper, homemade paper etc. You also need to have a close look at the combination of the color of the picture you are willing to buy, considering the lighting conditions of your bedroom, so the painting does not look off-place.

   After considering all these tips and important points you can make a clear decision and buy the best painting.