Jewellery has been a part of many people’s lives for years, especially when you consider that jewellery pieces were identifiers of family legacy and rank within society in the past. Today, almost everyone owns pieces of jewellery that are used to match an outfit or express oneself. Regardless of the reason behind holding custom jewellery UK, it is only natural that you want to take good care of it to last for a long time.

However, taking care of your jewellery may be intimidating, but with these five things that you can remember to keep your jewellery pieces, you can keep them for as long as you want.

Take Off Your Jewellery Before Showering or Applying Make-Up, Lotion, Or Perfume.

It is one of the most straightforward reminders that tends to be forgotten by some people. These bathroom essentials can help you smell fresh and clean, but these essentials are not meant for your jewellery because their chemicals can bring damage to your jewellery pieces.

Be Smart About Safekeeping

Proper storage for your jewellery can help it last longer and keep its shine and beauty. Storing it in a safe box can help ensure that your jewellery would not get lost or tangled. 

Never Sleep In A Jewellery

Not only does your jewellery suffer damage if you wear it in your sleep, but it can also hurt you as necklaces can get tangled, and you might get pierced by earrings. It is generally safe to take off your jewellery before going to sleep.

Avoid Exposing Your Jewellery To Heat

If your jewellery gets constant exposure to sun and heat, it may bring unnecessary alterations to your jewellery. Some gemstones tend to fade when it is constantly exposed to heat, and some metals can get easily warped or bent with heat exposure.

Mind The Drains

This piece of advice may seem simple and common sense, but it is still easily forgotten. However, you have to remember to take off your jewellery pieces before dealing with sinks and open drains, as they can easily slip through them when left unattended. 

If you want more details about taking care of your personalised jewellery, here is an infographic provided by The Charming Jewellery Store.