Having an NVC stamp on jewelry may be indicative that it is from the Nataliya V Collister’s jewelry collection. The jewelry team has handcrafted it as it is unique and beautiful usually incorporating natural gemstones.

However the NVC mark is also used by a manufacturer commissioned by the AVON Products of New York to mark rings and other jewelry from them.   Generally, if the ring is silver with an NVC 7 mark it is an AVON product.

The NVC is usually followed by a number that indicates the size of the ring. So, NVC 7 for example means the size of the ring is USA size 7.   More details on NVC 7 can be found in a blog by Luxuria Diamonds which goes into some details on the NVC mark and other marks also used by AVON products.   Knowing the source, materials and size of jewelry products is always important in terms of establishing value.

Is an NVC 7 925 Ring a Suitable Purchase?

Yes, any product with 925 stamped on it is usually made from silver alloy which is very suitable for use on jewelry ranging from earrings to pendants and rings.   Fine silver is too soft for use on jewelry so silver is typically alloyed with copper to strengthen it.   For example a NVC 7 925 ring is usually 92.5% silver and 7.5% alloyed material.    Sometimes this is called sterling silver.  With care 925 jewellery can last a lifetime.

Marks on jewelry are important because they help establish material content and also identify the maker or brand responsible for the design.  Once the marks are authenticated you will then be able to search online for the jewelry’s value.   Is your ring worth $1 or $10,000?   The marks will help you know and also help you make an informed buying decision if you are purchasing online or elsewhere.