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Author: Lloyd Iverson

7 Astounding Birthday Gift Ideas
Gift Ideas

7 Astounding Birthday Gift Ideas 

Birthdays are celebrated in many cultures to commemorate the anniversary of the birth of a person. The concept of birthdays was first recognized by the Egyptians some 3,000 years before the common era when they were commemorating the birth of a god. The Romans were…


Walk The Comfort In Style 

The GrundĂ©ns Women’s Deck-Boss Ankle Boot A decent pair of boots are a lady’s dearest companion. Continuously there with us, supporting us, getting us through tight spots, and giving us certainty out on the planet.  As of late, I have been on the chase for…


Buy Indian Clutch Bags Online 

Accessories play an important role in enhancing the grace of your outfits. Whether it’s your jewellery, footwear or your designer bag. Right!! Sometimes when you are going to the traditional occasions wearing everything complementing your outfit. The problem arises when your bag does not match…