There are various reasons why playpens are so popular and why parents use them necessarily. Eventually, the first reasons are the safety and security of your baby when you cannot watch the baby yourself due to your other works and specially to keep the baby out of the reach of your family pets like dogs, cats etc. Another necessity of playpen may be to provide the best sleeping environment to your baby without any external disturbances. That this why playpens are taken for weekend holidays so that the baby gets all the comforts of a playpen outside the home. However, playpens have their own cons or limitations especially when your baby is too old to be placed in a playpen or too small for a playpen. You need to determine the age factor right from the period when you plan to buy a playpen for your baby. Get all the information from the playpen seller or the playpen store along with the appropriate and suitable strollers at Pinki Blue in order to get the best, affordable and durable playpen.

It is to be noted with all the seriousness that the new-born infants should never be kept in a playpen. Besides other physical and mental health reasons, the new-born babies do not have the required strength to move their body in a playpen. Secondly, the new-born babies require a lot of stimulations from the adult which they cannot get from a playpen. You must wait until the new-born is capable enough to rollover and identify or grasp a toy and is able to turn or lift his or her head while placing him or her in the playpen. However, you should introduce the playpen when the infant is 4 months old so that he or she will get acquainted with the playpen by the time you frequently need to place him or her in the playpen. If you wait for long enough to grow her older to be safe in the playpen, he or she may be too scared to get into the playpen which is a new place for the child to feel safe and secured.

The most appropriate and ideal age for using the playpen is at the age of six to eight months of your baby. This is the age of your baby to sit and reach for and grab the toys. As your baby gets eight to ten months the playpen is shorter for her required space and so she or he cries when they stand on the playpen and you do not lift them.