Many couples prefer to buy wedding rings together, while others like to be surprised. No matter what kind of approach you prefer, it’s important to ensure that the ring stands out. If you are looking for intricate designs, wedding rings from Atelier Lou are worth a check. Below is a detailed guide on how to buy that ultimate wedding ring for someone you love!

Figure out the design

Start by narrowing down the designs that appeal the most to you. The good news is many celebrated local jewelry stores have their own websites, so you can find all designs on display. Shortlist the best you like, so that you can make comparisons. 

Consider customization

Would you want to customize the wedding ring based on something you have liked? If yes, many jewelry stores can do that for you. Custom wedding rings can be expensive, but for many couples that extra is worth paying. You can choose to create two rings in similar styles. 

Select a good store

Always buy engagement and wedding rings from brands and jewelry stores that are popular, known and local. Try and visit the store if possible, and if you are placing an order online, do consider the reviews and client feedback. Brand is an important factor, especially if you want statement designs. 

Check the 4Cs

If you want to get a diamond ring for the wedding, make sure to research on the 4Cs – cut, carat, clarity and color. There are online guides on how diamond wedding rings are valued, and remember that diamonds are set in 18k gold or platinum. If you want to get 22k gold wedding rings, you may have to settle for ADs or other gemstones. 

Look in advance

It may take considerable time before you can find the right wedding ring, so start looking early. It is always wise to have a budget in mind, so that you can work around the shortlisted options accordingly. 

Think of use and maintenance

In general, people wear wedding rings for life, and you need the design to be simple, elegant, and stylish at the same time. Don’t buy a design that’s too complicated for daily use, or needs a lot of maintenance. For instance, a simple band with diamonds could be a great choice for the bride, while the groom can get a small diamond on the band. 

Check for the smaller details and do ask for a purchase certificate.