How to Buy Healthy Toys:

Kids can play with their toys a lot of fun. It is important for kids, however, to remember that security should always be the first. Plush animals experts say that every year toys hurt thousands of children.

Read on to find out what you should look for when purchasing plush animals, toys and how a few simple safety tips can avoid accidents.

Toys accident prevention:

Minor scratches, scrapes and bruises are most of the wounds from toys. But even such toys can cause severe injury or even killing. This occurs when toys are dangerous or misused.

Here are tips to help you pick toys for your baby that are safe and appropriate.

  • Write the mark. Read the tag. Warning labels provide important information on how to use a toy and how old the toy is. Make sure your child knows how to use the toys and plush animals.

  • Think big. Check that every toy or piece is bigger than the mouth of your child to avoid choking.

  • Avoid toys which fire things in the air. They can lead to serious damage to the eye or shock.

  • Avoid loud toys to prevent hearing damage to your child.

  • Search for well-made stuffed toys. Make sure that all pieces are clean, with safe seams and edges. Plush animals must also be washable by the machine. Cut any loose strings or ribbons to stop strangulation. Do avoid plush animals and toys that may cause chokes or suffocation when swallowed by small pellets or stuffing.

Purchase solid plastic toys. Thin plastic toys can easily break down.

  1. Remove toys with burning toxic materials: Make sure the “non-toxic” label says. For any kid older than 12 years, avoid hobby kits or chemistry sets. These may be responsible for fires or explosions and include chemical hazards. Make sure that your older child is able to handle these toys safely. “UL certified” is supposed to be electrical toys. To be sure, please check the label.

  1. Pay attention to crib toys if you shop: The crib should keep out soft objects, loose bedding or any object that might increase the risk of entanglement, suffocation and strangulation. Any hanging crèche toy (mobile, crib gyms) should be removed when your baby first pushes on his / her knees or the baby is five months old, whichever is first. When the baby is not hanging, it must be removed. The toys can whisk a baby away.

  1. Selection of right toys for the right age:

Age guidelines for plush animals and toys are beneficial, provided that they include the following guidelines:

  1. The toy security (if any choking hazards are present)
  2. A child’s ability to play the toy
  3. A child’s skill in the use of a toy
  4. The needs and interests of children at different levels of development

Recalled Toys Vital Information:

One of the Product Safety priorities is to protect consumers and families from unsafe toys. This develops rules and guidelines to ensure safe goods and problems with drug recalls if an issue is detected. Plush animals are recalled for different reasons, including unsafe levels of plumage, shock and fire risks, or other dangerous issues.