Toilet paper is no doubt an essential item, which is a part of everyone’s shopping list. But as everyone knows, one tries to do his best to save more on the list. Being a rational buyer is not the wrong thing. The toilet paper is a topic that is not much discussed. Here are a few interesting facts about toilet paper.

History of toilet paper

The toilet tissue paper is not a new concept and it is dated back to the 14th century. The concept was born in China and in the beginning emperors used to use toilet paper. There are proofs that the massive production of rolls was started in the 14th century.

Types of toilet paper

The toilet paper comes in a lot of varieties. There comes differentiation in paper quality such as rough or smooth. Another point of difference can be the number of plies that means the number of layers of paper that are there to make the toilet paper. It ranges from one-ply to four-ply. The more the number of plies, the more it is considered to be luxurious. Also, another variant of toilet paper includes soft papers that are coated with wax or lotion or Aloe Vera. There is a possibility that one can find the paper with additive perfumes. The variety comes in sizes as well there can be standard rolls and then there can be jumbo roll bath tissue.

Not a universal concept

The concept of using toilet paper is not universal. To date, many cultures in the world do not use toilet paper at all and prefer water over it. There are other cultures as well that prefer both or some that only prefer toilet papers.

About paper fibres

The paper used in toilet paper has shorter fibres so that it easily gets dissolved in the water and does not create a blockage in the septic system.

Tube of toilet papers

There come two varieties of toilet papers: the one that is wrapped around a cardboard roll and the other that comes tubeless. Over time, the tubeless has been introduced to save costs.

Other uses of paper roll

The toilet paper has many other uses apart from its main use such as using it as a napkin and many more. Not only the paper but the cardboard tube also has a lot of uses. A lot of toys and models can be made with it. They can be used in a lot of creative ways.

Customized papers

The normal toilet paper is good to go but there also comes customized toilet papers. Such rolls might have written quotes on it or a message or there can be a picture printed on it. This will give a personal touch to the rolls.

Save money on toilet paper

One can save money on toilet paper by either buying it in bulk or buying jumbo rolls as they have more paper on it. One can find cheap bath tissue to save on paper rolls.

So, these are some interesting facts about the toilet paper and the rolls they are wrapped around.