Christmas is a festival of pleasure which is celebrated with our family and friends; we strive to do something unique for our loved ones by giving them presents or cards.

Writing letters to Santa is one of an enjoyable Christmas tradition, in general children, write the desires in the letter for Santa and ask their mother and father to ship it to the North Pole where Santa lives.

Sometimes the adults also try to write Santa letters. But have you ever think what are the qualities that should be in your letter? A properly written letter indicates your personality, it is very important to write a good letter.

How to Write a Letter to Santa

Make a list 

The first step of writing a good letter is making a list of the things that you want so that when you will start writing it down then there will be no mistake and your letter will look neat and clean.

Also, you cannot ask for too much so if you will make a list then you can cut down some items that you don’t want.

Pick good stationery

It is very important to choose your paper; you can use paper of bold colours like red, blue, green, etc. You can also use colourful papers and then you can write your letter on that paper. You can also choose something to write with like a pen or a pencil, this latter is for Santa Claus so you can use crayons, sketch pens, markers, or anything that you like just make details you can write clearly and neatly with whatever tool you are using.

Write your details

it is very important to write your details like the address and other details, you can write your full address in the top right-hand corner of the page make sure that there is no error in the address if you are not able to write a properly you can ask your parents to do that for you.

Tell Santa about yourself

Tell Santa Claus who you are, start your letter with “Dear Santa “or anything like that. It is very important to start your letter with a salutation. Don’t forget to mention your age, ask Santa how he is doing, and try to sound polite in your letter, try to tell him all the good things you have done this year solely.

Don’t forget to wish for someone else

It is very important to request or wish for someone else because there are a lot of people out there who don’t have enough money to write letters to Santa so you should include them and their wishes in your letter. Christmas is all about giving love and you can write it in your Santa letter wishes for others.

Thank Santa in the ending

Finish your letter by thanking Santa for delivering millions of presents all over the world; don’t forget to thank Santa for his work and his kindness. And make sure that you sign your letter with the closing statement just like a school application like sincerely, obediently, etc. You can appreciate Santa too.

Final words

Christmas is the festival of love and giving so don’t forget to share the love and have a great Christmas with your beautiful letters.