As coronavirus continues to spread across the world, it is important to take the precautionary measures to stay healthy and guard those around you. This comprises washing your hands often, practicing physical distancing, and sporting a face covering, such as a face mask, when out in public.

Wearing a face mask is just as essential as the rest, as wearing mask has shown to be a vital tool in decreasing the spread of COVID-19 — particularly when used universally in communities. Kids over 2 years of age should wear facemask particularly where social distancing is not possible. 

While you may see adults flaunting N95 or surgical face masks, when it comes to kids, you will want to get them small cloth face masks. Paul Edalat says that one of the most significant factors is to find one that fits their face well to assist prevent them from fidgeting with it. However, this is not always the easiest task, seeing that a comfortable, well-fitting face mask is frequently difficult to get. Adjustability features such as metal nose bridge or ties can help with this. A face mask should fit cozily over your child’s nose and mouth without any gaps and should not inhibit their ability to breathe in anyway comfortably.

When should your kid wear a facemask?

The only times it is safe for your child not to wear a mask is within their own home, while swimming, or when playing with other children at a 6-foot distance outside. Any kid in the age group of 2 should wear a mask any time they are in a public setting where physical distancing is hard to practice, such as in a grocery store.

  • Find masks with cool patterns or cartoon characters on them. Most of the kids have favorite patterns and get excited about the chance to wear their cartoon character mask, rainbow mask, or cheese mask.
  • Fit their mask before going out. Ensure the mask covers your kid’s face completely and that the ear loops are adjusted before they even leave the house. 

Paul Edalat further stated that just like the adult masks, ensure you take them out by their ear loops and wash them with detergent regularly. Keep in mind that masks are not suggested for children under 2 or anyone who may have problem taking it on their own.