Sarees are the most elegant and ethnic wear which not only provide you with a sassy look but also provide you with classy look and such looks often depend on saree styling that you must need for upgrading your ethnic look with extra spices. Sarees are those types of wear which you can easily create any kind of look you want to meet the demand of the party. But the thing is you can only then create a classic or sassy look when you know how to drape your saree properly. For saree styling, draping is the key step. Hence you can create a unique look only if you could be able to do a proper drape.

As we all know India is a versatile country with diversified religions and cultures. Thus, it also possesses various types of traditions along with other forms of dresses that exactly describe the traditional values. Though the materials or the things are of same, the wearing or saree styling does differ from each other and it varies from state to state. According to the experts, there are many types of draping styles that often consists of certain traditional values. Some of them are as follows:

  • Casual drape: For saree styling, the casual drape is the most common draping style that a person often carried out even during a marriage ceremony as the guest. To do these types of draping, all you need is to pin up your pallu on your shoulder and set it up with a safety pin.
  • Pant style draping: Pant style draping is also an example of saree styling with a certain unique fold. The pant-style draping saree styling is not only easy to wear but also provides a gleam to your look. If you are going to be a bride, then you along with your companions could decide to drape your saree in this style. As it is one of the most unique ways of saree styling.
  • Dhoti style saree styling: Dhoti styling with saree is another unique way of saree draping. Though it looks similar ways of saree styling, it often differs from each other. In dhoti style saree wear, the draping is done and focused on the form as well as the back ways, whereas in pant style, you won’t find any kind of draping pallu.
  • Belted saree styling: it is another form of saree draping, with the help of which you could easily upgrade your look with the ongoing trends. These types of saree styling are said to be inspired by the broad waist belt made up of both either by leather and by clothes.
  • Saree styling with skirts: one of the most trending forms of saree draping is the use of long flared skirts. These types of draping are perfectly done on the usages of skirts. It is one of the best saree stylings for the marriage ceremony.
  • Lehenga form saree draping: to get this look, all you need is to drape your sarees and round them across your waste line, and form them like a skirt. Then take its pallu as the dupatta to complete your look.
  • Bengali style draping: to get an exotic look, you can opt for the Bengali style saree draping. Such draping can only be possible by the use of the Bengali taant.

There is a lot of other forms of saree draping style which often seems to be ideal for your look. To know more details, please follow the links: