Let’s face it, the facts are as follows: Men have a thing for shoes. Every man requires shoes for a variety of occasions, from a camping trip to a wedding. Although it goes against the grain of traditional gender stereotypes, most guys have a passion for shoes. At the very least, you have thoughts on footwear and the types of shoes that every man needs to keep comfortable at work or in the gym. You have firm, unwavering ideas about brands and designs for various occasions, as well as which shoe is best for the job. You make well-considered shoe rotation decisions. You give your pals advice on what shoes they should buy next. So, here are some of the suggestions for  shoes for men that can be worn all year round:


  • Chukkas


Chukkas are the business casual boots; they’re simple and comfy, but they look sharp enough for most social events where you’re trying to impress someone by not wearing worn-out sneakers to the bar. Chukkas are fantastic shoes for a date or attending happy hour on a Friday or Saturday night, but they also look terrific with khakis or jeans in the workplace if you’re a professional 9-to-5 cubicle individual. So, look for Chukkas for sure when you shop shoes for men. 


  • Loafers


A good pair of loafers is a must-have shoe for men. They’re ideal for office workers who need semi-formal attire to keep HR off their backs. Some have tassels, some have buckles, and still, others are just plain leather. When it comes to decoration, you can do whatever you want. Anything you can maintain clean and smuggle into your office at the start of the day will suffice. The best part is that you can wear them with your jeans and tees in any weather for a cool and comfortable look.


  • Sneakers


You’re a dude, right? You take a step forward. You do cardio three times a week at the very least. You participate in intramural or after-work sports. Even if it’s only for that co-ed kickball league you reluctantly joined for the happy hour deals, you’ll need sneakers that can withstand perspiration. You stay on top of your gym sneaker game at all times. You look forward to going to the footlocker to replace these shoes more than you look forward to going to the gym since they’re shoes that every man needs.


  • Crocs 


Rainbows or Reefs? It’s a classic man conundrum. Both are fantastic, high-quality crocs for lounging on the beach in the summer, but men seem to like one kind of comfort shoes over the other. But put aside for a moment the Rainbow vs. Reef rivalry when heading to the pool or the beach, every male needs an open-toed shoe to kick around in.


  • Boat Shoes


Wearing leather shoes without socks is one of life’s greatest pleasures. It’s a fantastic, fantastic feeling. Boat shoe season is never truly over for a true gentleman because they have a timeless, classic style that goes with almost everything. 

Weddings, funerals, achievement banquets, and retirement meals are all common occurrences. There will always be a reason to wear one of these shoes for one reason or another. So keep these shoes for men in your collection and enjoy the comfortable life of a man!