We all agree that the quickest way to amp up an ensemble is to layer it the right way. Denim jackets and cardigans are just seasonal and casual layering ideas, but a blazer for men is the best item to invest in if you want to layer your look in the most stylish way.

A blazer for men is not only stylish but also practical because you can use this piece of clothing to layer almost all your clothes, be they formal, casual, or even semi-formal. Also, the best part about wearing a blazer is that you don’t have to worry about any particular season; they are perfect to be worn throughout the year.

If you are tired of styling your clothes in the same old manner, you can tweak your fashion a little by layering with a blazer for men, a smart option to keep up with fashion. If you are looking for different ways to style a blazer, let us help you out with a few suggestions.

  • Blazer with shirt: The most basic way you can style your blazer is to wear it with your shirt. If you love button-down shirts, especially because you’re an office-going man who has to attend thousands of boardroom meetings, a nice neutral-coloured crisp shirt tucked into your dark-coloured pant will look suave when paired with a blazer. You can also pull the collar of the shirt out of the lapels of the blazer.
  • Blazer with jeans: If you have a date tonight, how about tweaking your casual style with a blazer? Blazers can be worn outside of boardroom meetings too. A cotton blazer will look great when you pair it with well-fitted jeans and a T-shirt. For a party or a concert, you can opt for distressed denim. Instead of layering with a sports jacket, a blazer will give you an appealing look.
  • Blazer with polo T-shirts: A polo T-shirt or a V-neck T-shirt can be boring when worn without any layering option. To spice up your look, especially for a day out with your friends or a date night, you can throw on a blazer. If you have a muscular build, the blazer will give you a nice, rugged look.
  • Blazers with cargo pants: If you want to add your own uniqueness to your look, we suggest you wear a black blazer for men with your cargo pants and T-shirt. If it’s cold outside, wrap a scarf around your neck to complete your look.This cool outfit will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Have fun with prints: Try switching the usual and neutral colours for a printed blazer to take your look up by a few notches. Printed blazers or the ones available in funky colours make for great party wear. If you beg to differ, embrace the colours and go bold with prints.

With so many ways to wear a men’s blazer, you can tune into a new look for every occasion.