A Swiss family-owned jewellery house, Gubelin has a rich history of inspiration and high-end expertise. Founded in 1854, they are known for their gemstone expertise and purveyors of some of today’s most sought-after luxury watches.

Throughout their history, Gubelin has teamed up with a variety of artisans and craftsmen to create exquisite timepieces. The result is truly spectacular.


The House of Gubelin is a Swiss family-owned company, known for its exquisite high-end jewellery, gemstone expertise, and as purveyors of some of today’s most sought-after luxury watch brands. Their storied history dates back to 1854, when the brand’s first shop was opened in Lucerne by Jakob Breitschmid and his apprentice Eduard Jakob Gubelin (who married his master’s daughter, Bertha Sophia, in 1886).

During the 1920s, Gubelin began to make its own jewellery pieces as well as a wide range of watches for its clientele. During this time, it also set up a gemmological laboratory that would test the stones that its jewellers used and be sure of their authenticity.

As a result, they became renowned for the quality and craftsmanship of their work. Their pieces are considered to be some of the finest in the world and are highly collectible.

They still hold true to their ethos of being a family-owned and operated business, with Gubelin’s headquarters in Geneva being run by the sixth generation of the Gubelin family. They also offer excellent customer service and a warm, homely atmosphere that makes shopping for their beautiful pieces an experience that can’t be missed.

A particularly beautiful and rare Gubelin ‘deco’ style timepiece from the 1960s with an engine-turned, champagne matt dial in a solid 18K gold case with a screw down case back. The case has a very pleasing design and is in good condition with the movement having been professionally cleaned and restored.

Another example of a classic Gubelin ‘deco’ style watch with a very clean design and in good condition, featuring a 34mm stainless steel case with smooth bezel and tapered lugs, an acrylic crystal, and screw down case back. The original white dial is printed with Roman figures and features slender black baton hands. This fine manual wind 21 jewel movement has been cleaned, serviced and is guaranteed genuine.

If you’re looking for a watch that will stand out from the crowd, consider a Gubelin piece from 1stDibs. You’ll find a wide range of styles, including art deco and retro designs in this collection. These unique pieces were designed with great care and are highly sought after by collectors.


Since 1854, the family owned company has been crafting watches with an eye towards quality and style. This is reflected in the quality of this fine example, which has a case made of solid 18k yellow gold and a matching band with the brand’s signature gilded clasp.

Gubelin is an elegant, understated and highly regarded name in the watchmaking game. The brand has been around for a long time and is still owned by members of the family, who keep their core values of honesty, integrity and opulence alive to this day.

The house of Gubelin has a reputation for producing some of the most stylish watches and clocks in the business, with a small number of high-end designs being available on the market. These watches are designed with the consumer in mind, and offer a variety of features, including the most impressive of them all: a movement.

What’s more, the brand has a showroom in Geneva that boasts a bend-over-backwards customer service that will impress you and your wallet alike. This is especially true if you’re considering buying a Gubelin watch, as the shop’s knowledgeable sales staff will be able to help you find the perfect piece for your tastes and budget.

The Gubelin name is a household one in Switzerland, and the company has a strong international presence in its home market. The company specializes in the production of watches and clocks of the highest quality, as well as jewellery with a gemstone focus. Some of their finest pieces are a little more expensive than their less accomplished counterparts, but if you’re interested in securing the best possible deal, you should make sure to take your time and research what you’re looking for before making any decisions.


The Swiss House of Gubelin has been around since 1854 and continues to produce watches of the finest quality. The family owned and operated company boasts a finely tuned gemstone expertise, along with a knack for putting together the perfect watch. Having survived several generations, this is a company to be reckoned with, and has a long line of happy customers.

The company has an enviable reputation for making and retailing superior timepieces that last and, in the case of their flagship Lucerne boutique, they take customer service very seriously. The most recent generation of Gubelin execs have kept the old school values alive while at the same time pushing the envelope when it comes to new and exciting products like their latest gizmo, the SmartWatch.

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The family-owned Swiss House of Gubelin has been a major purveyor of some of today’s most desirable luxury watches since 1854. Located in Lucerne Switzerland, the company is still led by the same family, which continues to maintain its traditional values and ethos.

One of the most prestigious watch and jewellery companies in the world, Gubelin is known for its superior quality pieces as well as for its unique designs. The brand has a rich history that dates back to 1854 when Jakob Josef Mauritz Breitschmid opened a small watch shop in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Throughout its 160 years of operation, the company has remained family-owned and is now run by the sixth generation. They are a highly experienced company that is known for their incredible customer service and can help you select the perfect piece to fit your taste.

From a floating turtle mystery clock to a diamond encrusted dress watch, there are a number of interesting Gubelin watches available on 1stDibs. These items have been made with extraordinary care and can add a distinctive look to your ensemble.

A particularly impressive example of this Swiss jeweler’s work is this 1930s ‘Deco’ style watch with a striking 18K yellow gold case and a stunning matt champagne dial that changes from a golden yellow to a more pallid champagne depending on the light. It features a good quality 17 jewel manual wind movement, signed on the main bridge with the ‘Gubelin’ name and designation as well as to the inside of the case-back with the ’18K gold’ designation.

Another example of this respected Swiss maker’s skill is this very fine vintage square chronograph, in white gold. This piece is an unusual design in that it wears significantly larger than its size suggests due to the square shape of the case. The white dial is in excellent condition, showing only very minor signs of age and wear including some slight discoloration to the edges.

This beautiful Gubelin watch is a very special piece that will make a very nice addition to any collection, or even as a stand-alone gift for a watch lover. It is very clean, and comes with an original Gubelin bracelet and a box.