For different occasions, one wants to wear different types of clothes by both the male and female. For the males, it seems to be there are not many options, but the available options make them different. There are t-shirts such as Henley shirts which could enhance anyone’s personality. It could be worn in both the formals as well as informal. In these shirts, there is no collar, but it’s till the neck, which gives it a casual touch as well. These t-shirts are most comfortable to wear and give versatility to the wardrobe.

What does the history of Henley shirts tell?

It is not being liked by the people recently, but it has been liked by the people for almost around 200 years in the country of England. It was being named as “Hanley on the Thames” as these were uniforms of the rowers who work in the English town. In 1839, the first Henley Royal Regatta was founded. Earlier, the men wore undershirts, which are collared as well as bulky. With time these undershirts have lost their collars. So these t-shirts are left with just three to five buttons with no collars. These newly crafted undershirts are cooler and provide comfort.

Ways of wearing Henley shirts

These Henley shirts look best with various combinations and go on different occasions. There are different ways through which one can wear these shirts –

  • Wearing one upon another – In the colder days, it is best to wear these shirts one upon another. It gives much warmth to the body as it covers till the neck, and if worn together, then it will not allow the air to get into the body. For instance, if one is wearing a t-shirt having a collar which is wider with only 3 buttons on it, then on it one can wear the light, or thin t-shirt which is used for sports have 5 buttons on it. This will be light to the body but gives warmth as well during the cold days.
  • Jacket on top – These look best with the jacket on it. It will give a stylish look to the person who is carrying it with a jacket on self. There is a different combination that could be made in it, such as having a white t-shirt with a denim jacket or having a charcoal color t-shirt with a leather jacket black in color. There is a different combination which one can make in it as per the style one thinks that suits them best.
  • Sleeves are short – Nowadays, most of the t-shirts available in Henley are coming in short sleeves. These t-shirts are available in different colors as well as styles. If anyone does not like the long sleeves t-shirts and feel that it’s too long or not comfortable, then one can go for these short-sleeved t-shirts. This makes the person have a cool and comfortable feel.
  • Sweatshirt gives a different look – There are times when you do not want to wear a jacket or not feel comfortable wearing that then it could be paired with zipped sweatshirts as well. The sweatshirt could be hooded or not; it gets along well with both of them.

These Henley shirts are the need of today as well. In the age where so much of style and looks are important, these t-shirts solve the purpose.