Nail polish is an essential cosmetic for women who want to look beautiful and take care of their appearance right down to their fingernails. Most varnishes are simply ‘decorative’ but some are used to treat nail irregularities, to solidify fragile nails or to treat fungal infections, for example.

Faced with a multiplicity of choices (colors, types, textures, care), women can be lost when they buy. Here are some tips to guide your choice.

Classic nail polishes

For those in hurry, the undecided or the chameleons, classic nail polish remains the most practical cosmetic. It is extremely easy to find: supermarkets, specialized stores or on the internet, you can get it almost everywhere. You are spoiled for choice between colors and materials: Lacquered, glittery, matt, fluorescent, from light colors such as yellow or gold to dark purple or burgundy or even black. There is something for everyone tastes, and it is above all a cheap varnish. It can be removed very quickly with a simple remover, so you can vary and change according to your desires and your outfits without going through the ‘beautician’ box. Be careful though, depending on the varnish, several coats may be necessary, sometimes even the application of a top coat is recommended. Using multichrome nail polish is the best choice.

Semi-permanent nail polishes

Semi-permanent nail polishes, also called gel varnishes, are starting to become more popular, but be careful not to put them in everyone’s hands. Indeed, semi-permanent are more difficult to apply, so you have to be sure of your gesture. We do not recommend these products for beginners. They last on average 2 weeks without having to do any retouching. Much more resistant than conventional varnishes, you can go about your usual activities (sport, cleaning, etc.) without risking damaging your nails. They are unfortunately more expensive than the classics, count around 20 € for a bottle. For better drying, better adhesion and finish, you will need a UV lamp. To remove a semi-permanent varnish, consider purchasing a nail polish remover with acetone.

Permanent nail polish

If you want to have a professional result at home, go for permanent nail polishes! This varnish lasts several long weeks, it is super resistant and will not fail despite the daily trials. But this result comes at a price! During your first investment, you will have for a minimum of 200 € between: a UV lamp, a quality base varnish, a permanent top coat, a degreasing product to prepare your nails, suitable nail polish remover. The bill quickly becomes steep, this technique is therefore rather reserved for professionals or true manicure addicts.

But What Color Of Varnish To Choose?

Nail polish has become a real fashion accessory. It is essential to pay attention to the color you are going to apply otherwise it’s a fashion faux pas guaranteed! It is obviously advisable to choose a trendy varnish color,depending on the season, the color of your skin, the age. There are different criteria that influence the choice of the color of your nail polish.

Natural nail polish

Natural nail polishes are very fashionable and that’s good. Very discreet, nude shades ranging from beige, to pale pink or even cream, will nicely color your nails and will match all of your outfits.

Red nail polish

The timeless polish is red nail polish. It will go very well with a black outfit and will highlight your look. The must is to wear a little black dress, with red varnished nails, it is the femme fatale look guaranteed.