Since we have already established that kimono robes are some of the most simple and relaxed items of clothing, it should come as no surprise that there are not many rules on how to wear one this one. Just wear it like you would a bathrobe or a housecoat, simply tied around the waist. The only Japanese cultural rule to follow is to close the kimono robe with the left side over right, as the opposite way is the way to dress a corpse. Of course, you should make sure your sash is tied well so that it doesn’t accidentally fall in company.

Other usage of kimono robes

You could also use a kimono robe as a loose jacket to mix and match with western clothing. Especially the shorter kimono robes are very popular summer items, worn over sundresses or bathing suits.

Where high quality Japanese silk kimono robes do is manufactured?

High quality robes are being usually made in Kyoto, that is the main center of Japanese traditional clothing industry, and now it is known as the kimono capital. The area surrounding Kyoto is the home to once thriving silk industry that survives to this day. Kimono and yukata makers constantly come up with new patterns and styles, these high quality expensive kimonos have become status symbol of Japanese. 

What does Japanese silk kimono robes stands for?

A silk kimono robe long is actually more similar to a yukata, the kimono’s more informal and relaxed counterpart. The yukata is light and comfortable, usually worn in summer where you will most commonly see them at fireworks festivals. The kimono robe is an even more laid-back yukata, basically lounge wear, usually worn around the house simply tied around the waist, no frills and bells it’s easy to carry, but in kimono there are more than 10 layers which should be tied all around the waist area, and it makes this costume vast.

Kimono is a traditional outfit mostly wore in Japan on any kind of special occasion. These Japanese were wearing this dress in everyday routine but now every body is busy and don’t have much to spend on wearing tough clothes so they wear it now a day’s just on any special moments like wedding, festivals etc. Kimono robe is a robe which originated in Japan but there are similar dress designed for people who live worldwide.