According to The New York Times, on average a person spends up to $4000 on an engagement ring. With that amount of money, you can pay the down payment of your new house or have a wonderful travel experience or you could just save up for the future. One of the most important questions you can ask yourself before buying an engagement ring is that, is it worth it. Take your financial status into consideration and know what you can afford and what you can’t. If you are struggling to decide whether to spend a lot of money on the engagement ring or do anything else with it, then we have a few tips that you help you. All you need to do is keep reading.  


  • Go for an antique or vintage 


Vintage, antique and retro fashions are taking off lately. Vintage and antique jewelry usually tell a story and use some cool and unique gemstones. When we talk about diamond rings, the terms antique, vintage, and retro have a different meaning. When a seller refers to the thing as antique, it is from before the 1950s. And vintage is after the 1950s. Retro just means that the thing is outdated. 


  • Throw the 3-month salary advice into the bin 


Somewhere in the history of time, a copywriter mentioned in one of his writings that an engagement ring should cost a man up to 3 months of his income. If you ask me, it’s just straight-up stupid. An engagement ring is something that you should love either because of the story behind it if it’s an antique or because of its design. But you shouldn’t love it if it’s a diamond or a 24-carat golden engagement ring. So, just ignore the fact that you are expected to buy something expensive. Even though it’s cheap but just hits real to the heart then go get it.


  • Go for a family ring 


If your family has a tradition of passing on rings, then it’s just damn cool and you should continue with it. If you have got a ring passed on by your family as well as one from your soon to be husband then one of the common questions you might have is Engagement ring, which hand should I wear it, you can have your family ring on your left and can have the one that your fiancé got you on the right.    


  • Go for a gem-free ring 


No page in the constitution says an engagement ring has to have a gem. One of the most popular trends with rings is the only-metal rings. Don’t think that they are just a round thing with no design, because you can find a ton of designs in only-metal rings as well. 

One thing you should remember is an engagement ring has to be a symbol of happiness. And if you go into debt for buying it, you are most likely to be disappointed by it at some point in your life. So, get what you can afford.