Carnations are soft and beautiful, like a ruffled dress in a bouquet. When you receive a bouquet of carnation, you would want to keep it in your house. The soft yet bold color gives a nice touch to any home, moreover, the floral fragrance. Did you know that carnations are edible? Yes, you can put carnations on top of your salads. But, the blooms are merely beautiful to light up your living room. Carnation is Dianthus caryophyllus, which translates to the flower of the Gods. Wouldn’t that be perfect for adding some love to your house? So, once you receive a bouquet of carnations, what do you need to do?

How long will a cut carnation last?

A cut carnation will last for about one to two weeks, especially with proper care. When you receive a bouquet of carnations, you might be wondering, how long can you keep a bouquet of carnations out of water? Inside the bouquet wrappings, florists will put a source of water on the stem. This is to keep the carnations hydrated. So once you get home and unwrap the flowers, don’t forget to put them into the water while preparing the vase. Don’t forget to trim the stem.

How to properly care for cut carnation?

First, you need to set the ideal temperature for carnations to make them live longer. Room temperature is the best choice; you cannot go wrong with that. Put the cut carnation in a clean vase or other containers. Once the carnations are inside the vase, you will also need to keep far from direct sunlight and other cold or heat sources, such as fireplaces. Don’t put your flowers near fresh fruit or vegetables. Fruits and vegetables emit ethylene, which will decrease the life of your carnations.

To make them even better for the carnation, you can disinfect the container before putting the cut flower inside. Disinfecting vases require two straightforward ingredients: bleach and water. An alternative to bleach is another household disinfectant, which will also work fine. Mix the disinfectant with the same amount of water. Don’t forget to rinse the vase well afterward.

To keep cut carnations fresh longer, you need to pay attention to the water in the vase. Distilled water is best for this and can extend the life of your flowers. Don’t forget to replace the water in three days, especially when the water starts looking bad.

While you replace the water, grab a sharp scissor and cut a little bit of the stem, around a half-inch. If you let the branch in the water, it will clog the vessels in the stem. Therefore, cutting the tip of the steam will help prolong your cut flowers. Some flowers might have leaves that get into the water, and it’s best to remove them as well to prevent bacteria. Leaves that are underwater rot even faster. While you change the water, don’t forget to rinse the stems and prevent bad stuff from contaminating the new, clean water. Investing in good kitchen scissors is not a bad idea either.

How to extend the life of cut carnations?

Using preservative for flowers, or sometimes called flower food, will ensure that your carnation lasts longer. You can purchase this from the local florist. Sometimes, they come in with the flower bouquet that you are buying or receiving. Of course, there is an alternative to this. Grab a can of soda that has a lemon flavor. You can also use lemon juice and sugar. Mix one part of that with three pieces of water. Give a couple of drops of bleach, which will help feed the flower and prevent bacteria from breeding in the water. Other alternatives are aspirin and apple cider vinegar. Just find what you already have in your house! Sing See Soon provides 3 simple tips on caring for your carnations

Can you store your bouquet in the fridge?

Here is another trick you can try! Flowers are not supposed to be in the fridge, but try putting them for six hours top. This will help them slow down on losing water. However, it would help if you also kept in mind that carnation does not mix well with fruits. So, you can’t have any fruit in the fridge for this to work. The petals of your blooms will look fabulous the next day!

Choice of carnations

Perhaps you want to seek the perfect bouquet of carnations, whether it’s for a gift or your own house. We’ve curated some beautiful-looking carnations in bouquets, baskets, and even vases that will suit any of your occasions.

  • Happiness Forever

This sweet bouquet with 18 stems of bright pink carnations is simply a perfect gift. The color is soft and bold, showing an abundant amount of love to the receiver. It’s an ideal bouquet for your partner’s birthday or anniversary.

  • A Song for Lover

Perhaps you are more of a red-lover. Here is a bouquet of 11 red carnations for you. This would be a great alternative to red roses!

  • Sweet Carnations

The ruffled petals of carnation match a basket, so there are 21 pink carnations in a basket. This is a perfect gift for Mother’s Day. If you want more variety of colors in the basket, another choice would be Demure & Lovely.

  • Very Berry Carnations

To ease the receiver, why not just give carnations in a vase? This is 12 stalks of red carnation and 6 stalks of pink carnation in a vase. If you prefer a more colorful vase, you can also choose Elegant Carnations or Vibrant Carnations for a vase with assorted carnations’ colors.

With these tips and tricks, you can ensure that the carnation you receive from your loved ones, or the one that you’re going to give to them, will last as long as it is possible. Whether the carnations are in a bouquet or a vase, there are always ways to keep them. Good, proper care is still the key to keep the flowers alive!