We have compiled a short list of running man watch online and when you need to go analog during your run. 

Running is no mean feat. Aside from the expensive suits and shoes, your watch will pack a wallop of damage from constant sweat, not to mention the usual wear and tear. But you need the watch for a number of reasons. 

Measure your elapsed time during practice or exercise, record all your time as you progress into a marathon, and track your location should you get lost. Or maybe just give you what time it is during the day. So you need a heavy duty and smart watch to keep up with your needs. Here is our basic list of running man watches online to boost your time. 

  • Garmin Forerunner 945 ($600)

This smart watch features a dozen of great features, perfect for anyone who wants to start practicing for a marathon and hit the time they want. They can have a bonus full-on accurate GPS location, and the whole biometrics with colored maps. Battery can run for days without charge.

Additional features include indicating the areas where the runner should take it slow on the training to avoid overexertion or push the runner on. However, unless you have the means, this dream watch may just remain a dream.

  • Coros Pace 2 ($200)

Light on the hand, and light on the budget, Coros may be the alternative to Garmin in terms of price and options. You can still have the accuracy in placing you anywhere in the world with wifi as well as a resolution that matches your laptop. In addition, it contains a wired artificial intelligence to help you train in different modes. The cons in this watch is that the display may be too dark for some if the backlight is not activated prior. 

  • Coros Apex ($300 for a 42mm model, $350 for 46mm)

This is also an ideal sub for Garmin Forerunner. It saves information such as heart rate, speed per minute, distance, etc for you to evaluate on your performance. The navigation system is at par, too, even as you run through a tunnel and the signal is temporarily blocked off. Like Coros Pace 2, you may need to turn on the backlight.

  • Fitbit Charge 4 ($170)

Fitbit may be an option for minimalists with its small and slim strap and casing. Budget wise, it won’t break the bank either. The GPS has accurate results and the battery can live up to the challenge. 

Unlike the other smart watches mentioned, though, it does not have the capacity to save on information on pace, heart rate, or distance covered throughout a length of time. What it does is show you stats from day to day. Some people also don’t like the fact that it doesn’t have enough physical buttons to press. Still, if you’re not too picky about it, this is likely a good partner for you. 

  • Analog Watch ($50)

Here’s one piece of advice to really keep it lowkey, budget wise. Get a manual watch for those days when you just want to look at the open road and not worry about biometrics, mechanics and your progress.

You can even get it engraved. Boost your morale. And doesn’t take anything heavy from the wallet.

Get a running man watches online at My Lovely Presents  for your running needs but if you want to make running simple, go analog.