Appearance is the first step towards creating a long-lasting first impression. And what better way than to dress up smartly to make a lasting impression? So if you believe your appearance is the getaway to your image, dress up in a dapper way and complete your look with the best yet suitable pair of footwear.

Did you know that a person subconsciously notices your footwear first? If this holds true, then footwear has the power to make or break your look. So if you have been thinking about investing in a few good pieces of footwear, you must rely on the best shoe brands in India.

With that being said, Metro is one of the best shoe brands in India, where you can buy shoes of versatile varieties and be assured of getting the highest quality pairs at amazing prices. So yes, buying footwear from Metro, the best shoe brand in India, will not be costing you a bomb. So get online, browse for Metro shoes on Metro and indulge in a haul that will be worthy of an investment.

If you’re looking forward to buying a few good pairs of footwear, check out this footwear guide below to learn about the trending pairs you can invest in.

  1. Casual slippers: If you prefer wearing footwear in the house, you can opt for these casual slippers to keep your feet safe and warm. They are so soft and comfortable that wearing them all day long won’t put your feet under stress, mostly because they are lightweight. You can get them in basic black, brown and navy-blue colours.
  1. Casual sandals: If you love going down to the park every evening but don’t want to dress up to the nines, these casual sandals will work wonders for you. Just slip into them and team your look with jeans, a comfortable top, or a T-shirt.
  1. Formal sandals: Since you’re an office-going girl, having a few pairs of formal sandals is a must. These sandals have an average heel, which means you will be comfortable wearing them throughout the day. Black metallic sandals with a back strap to secure your feet are a perfect choice to be worn with your pencil skirt, a white shirt and a black blazer for the meeting.
  1. Casual slip-ons: You know how annoying it can be to wear heels or shoes with laces on days you have to run errands. For such occasions, casual slip-ons are ideal. This footwear makes your work less tedious because you just have to slip your feet in, and you’re good to go.
  1. Ballerinas: Ballerinas are a perfect choice if you want fancy shoes but don’t want to wear heels. This footwear is timeless because it can be worn to your office, on a date or even on casual days out. These closed-toe shoes come in a variety of colours, prints and patterns. If you want a dressier version, choose the ones with embellishments on them.

This footwear will help you ace your fashion game, one pair at a time.