Most people would be happy to make a bit of extra cash, but many just don’t know how. It never even occurs to them that they could make some money by selling their old, unwanted items. More and more people are using online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon to sell things they no longer want, and you can too. 

What Can You Sell Online?

The reality is that you can potentially sell anything online but there are some things that are more in demand than others. The good news is that most of us already have these items at home. So, before you throw things you no longer want in the trash, consider reselling them first. It is easy to do, can make you some extra dollars, and is better for the environment. Below are a few ideas of what sell well.

Old Clothing

There is a huge market for secondhand clothing, with many of those who are environmentally conscious wanting to reduce their carbon footprint by upscaling used clothes rather than buying more throwaway fashion. People are willing to buy any type of clothing but if you have branded or designer items, you are likely to fetch a higher price. When selling your clothes online, be sure to wash them first and iron them before taking any photos of them. You will find it hard to make dirty, crumpled clothing look appealing in your advert. 

Old Shoes

Secondhand shoes are also extremely popular online, and they can fetch a great price. As with clothing, you can expect to get a higher price for branded shoes such as sneakers. It is also a good idea to wash or clean any old shoes before you sell them. The makers of ShoeFresh shoe deodorant recommend spraying your shoes with a shoe deodorant before you mail them to a buyer. These sprays will eliminate odor for up to three months, ensuring buyers will be happy with their purchase. 


If your child has a ton of toys that they no longer play with, why not resell them before you buy any more? Toys can be expensive and the younger the age range, the bulkier they tend to be. Make a bit of space in your home by selling toys that are no longer being used. 

Baby Equipment

If your children are grown up and you are no longer in need of all the baby equipment you had, you could make quite a bit of money selling it on to someone in need of it. Things like strollers, sterilizers, bouncers, baby baths, highchairs, car seats, and monitors are all hugely popular. 

Video Games

There is no point in hanging on to games that you have played unless you are nostalgic and think that you might like to play them again in the future. Secondhand video games are massive online and definitely one of the more popular items to sell. There are thousands of parents out there who simply cannot afford to buy brand new games for their kids and would be thrilled to get their hands on some used versions for a fraction of the price. 

Home Décor

When it is time to redecorate, you might fancy a change to your home décor and accessories. Instead of throwing your old items away, why not sell them online. You might be able to sell your living room or bedroom accessories such as drapes, cushions, pictures, and more as one bundle to someone who is just starting out. You can use the money you make towards any new items you buy.