One of the best smartphones to date appears to be the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. If you were considering getting a new phone, Samsung’s most recent flagship model is expensive but offers many features.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra has all the features you’d expect from a top-tier phone, plus a few extras exclusive to this model, including a fast-refreshing display, an integrated S Pen, a potent chipset, and several camera enhancements.

Depending on the variant you choose, the Samsung S22 Ultra price Dubai starts at AED 4699 and goes up to AED 5499.

Let’s discuss some more specific reasons for choosing the Galaxy S22 Ultra as your next phone.

1.    The Brighter Screen of the Galaxy S22 Ultra

Given that Samsung is allegedly Apple’s primary supplier of display components, Samsung must have grown tired of seeing the iPhone receive all the praise for its displays. To create the brightest smartphone screens yet, the Galaxy S22 lineup as a whole boasts some significant display enhancements.

That entails a screen with a maximum brightness of 1,7500 nits and a typical brightness of 1,200 nits for the Galaxy S22 Ultra. With our testing revealing a maximum brightness of 1,359 nits when we examined the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s display, Samsung’s new phone comes pretty close to matching those claims. The 1,038-nit result from the iPhone 13 Pro Max pales in comparison to that.

2.    The Galaxy S22 Ultra Now Comes With the S Pen

Speaking of the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the device was the first to support Samsung’s S Pen outside of the Galaxy Note line of devices. That was positive if unfinished, step. The S Pen never felt like an integral component of the S21 Ultra since it was an optional attachment.

Additionally, the S Pen that comes with the Galaxy S22 Ultra is faster than before, with a 70% speed increase and reduced latency. This is a wonderful upgrade over the Galaxy S Ultra model, especially if you regard your phone as a productivity tool. Add in more precise handwriting-to-text conversion and stylus-specific functions integrated into Microsoft Outlook.

3.    For the Galaxy S22 Ultra, a Faster Refresh Rate

Except for the iPhone 13, dynamic refresh rates are a feature that is becoming more and more frequent on top smartphones. The devices speed up the refresh rate when there is a lot of movement on the screen and slow it down when there is less activity. It allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds while playing games or surfing through websites while using less battery power when you don’t require the refresh rate enhancement.

4.    Charge the Galaxy S22 Ultra More Quickly

Samsung switched back to 25W charging in the Galaxy S20 Ultra the next year after offering 45W charging in the Galaxy S20 Ultra in 2020. This decision is overturned by the Galaxy S22 Ultra, bringing 45W charging rates back to Samsung’s top-tier device.

At that rate, it should only take 20 minutes to fully recharge a depleted Galaxy S22 Ultra. It took the S21 Ultra 10 minutes longer to get there, and the iPhone 13 Pro Max can charge twice as quickly at that point.

5.    Galaxy S22 Ultra Producing Excellent Photographs in Low-light

It might appear that not much has changed from the Galaxy S21 Ultra when comparing the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s cameras’ megapixel ratings alone. But it simply isn’t the case. The new phone’s 108MP main camera now makes use of a bigger 2.4um sensor that can collect more light and information. For nighttime photography with minimal glare and lens flare, Samsung has also introduced a Super Clear Glass lens.

Samsung S22 has come out with more detailed photographs in low light, both for still images and video.


To sum up, the S22 Ultra’s zoom capabilities continue to be its most distinctive feature relative to both the competition and other Samsung mobile price in Dubai. Overall, the S22 Ultra feels more like an improvement that enhances already-existing features than it does a brand-new feature.