Liquid Gold Poppers is pleased to welcome you.

Since 2002, our online business has sold Liquid Gold, the best grade and most popular room odourisers in the United Kingdom. Join over 3000 frequent customers who have received excellent service and the lowest rates on the internet for Liquid Gold poppers and other high-quality brands.

Liquid Gold Room and other UK poppers such as amyl nitrite and isobutyl nitrite poppers, which are currently sold exclusively as ‘room odourisers,’ have long been used for mankind’s benefit and delight.

Before individuals realised that increased blood flow also boosted sexual pleasure and excitement, they were a popular angina cure as well as an antidote to cyanide poisoning. Please note that our room odourisers should not be breathed or used for any of the purposes listed above.

Our family of room odourisers may still be purchased for usage that do not entail direct inhalation of the material, and it is available here at the lowest price on the web of only £1.99 per bottle if you buy two trays of 20 or only £2.99 per bottle if you buy three poppers UK bottles. We believe we have the greatest online reputation and strive to convert first-time shoppers into pleased and loyal customers every day.

Room odourisers from Liquid Gold Room are among the most reasonably priced on the market. We have been a regular in-room fragrance in the UK since they became legal. This brand of internet poppers has become well-known in the dance scene.