In recent years, dry erase boards are getting momentum. A lot of people use whiteboards to supplement meetings and lesson plans in the same way as chalkboards. If you are looking to buy a whiteboard, you will want to know which type to go for. Your choice will depend on the purpose you want to board to serve and the needs of your company. Take the following into account when picking new 123ink dry erase boards:

Kind of Whiteboard to Get

  • Plastic or melamine whiteboards. These can be available with a non-magnetic surface or with a steel backing which lets it accept magnets. Melamine is inexpensive which makes a melamine dry erase board a budget-friendly option. Also, it is lightweight which makes it easy to mount.
  • Porcelain or ceramic. These whiteboards are more expensive than melamine; however, they provide greater durability and resistance to stains and scratches. As with melamine, porcelain whiteboards are easy to write on and usually magnetic. However, as porcelain is porous, the board’s surface will not succumb to ghosting which takes place when markers leave stains on the board and cannot be easily wiped off.
  • Glass. These whiteboards are not porous, preventing unwanted ghosting and staining. Markers tend to erase easily on them without smudging. Also, they are usually frameless, making an attractive, contemporary look. A glass whiteboard can be magnetic; however, it can reflect a double image in poor lighting that may make it hard to read what’s written on them in some cases.

Where to Use a Whiteboard

If you are planning to use the whiteboard in a conference room where it will be used as both a writing surface and projection screen, buy a board with a matte finish. A board with a high-gloss finish is not easy for meeting members to readso ensure the board does not produce much glare. If you want a board to improve sessions in your training or classroom, choose an interactive board. This type of whiteboard integrates your computer and projector into it, creating a learning experience that can get attention. If you wish to keep the whiteboard in the executive office, go for an enclosed board. This board is available in a cabinet form so it can be closed and hidden when not in use. Its sides are usually equipped with extra whiteboard space or corkboard material that allows users to post notes and memos.