When it comes to buying earrings, there’s just way too many choices. But, some people just prefer having colorful gemstones. Some of the most popular gemstones used for earrings include royal purples, Ruby Reds, green emeralds and so much more. 

Because of the rise in popularity of Alexandrite earrings, many people prefer this as well. Gemstone earrings are one of the best ways to flaunt your bold colors. These can play an important role in complementing your outfit. However, when it comes to buying these earrings, you need to choose the right gemstone. 

Some of the most popular gemstones that you need to consider for your earrings include


People love Alexandrite earrings. One of the main reasons why it is so popular is because it features color-changing properties. Alexandrite earrings can turn red like Ruby or green like emeralds. 

High-quality Alexandrite rings feature a prominent purplish shade. Nonetheless, you can also consider doing some research. The Alexandrite earrings can change color depending on time of the day. Exciting, isn’t it?

Padparadscha Sapphire

If you are looking forward to getting pinkish-orange shade for your earrings, the Padparadscha Sapphire is one of the best choices to make. It is one of the rarest gems available on the earth. However, these are slightly expensive which is why you need to ensure that you buy from reliable ones. 

There are several sellers online who claim to provide the best padparadscha sapphire for sale. Nonetheless, you can’t rely on anyone because it is a very rare gemstone. You may not be able to get your hands on the real one. So, before you buy these earrings, make sure to do thorough research about the buyer. 


If you want to get earrings with a lighter shade or hue, you can consider choosing Amethyst. This is a type of quartz which is purple in color. This is a gemstone that is used for various types of jewelry. 

Apart from beauty, Amethyst also contributes towards spiritual healing purposes. Many people believe that the ones who wear this gemstone don’t have any negative thoughts. Furthermore, it is said to improve the sleeping pattern of people. 

Wearing something like this can bring success and prosperity in your life. 


Made out of hydrated silica, opal is definitely one of its kind gemstone. It is often obtained from rock fissures. Although there is no prominent color, it does have a slightly pale hue. 

Many people believe that the ones who wear earrings or rings made out of opal will have proper in their life. Also, several legends are associated with the use of these. Opal is found in huge quantities in Australia. 


This is a gemstone that is made from the combination of copper and aluminum. It has a bluish-green tinge that contributes to the rarity. People consider this to be a prized possession. 

If you wear jewelry made out of this gemstone, you will be protected against negative thoughts. Furthermore, it also has healing powers which makes it the best choice for pendants, rings and earrings. 

No matter which gemstone you’re getting, make sure to do some research about the seller. You must consider getting The Rare Gem LLC, if you are looking for beautiful, affordable solutions.