Many fashion trends come and go, but very few stay. Wearing oversized t-shirts is one such trend that has stayed. Not only is it stylish but also very comfortable, so you don’t have to compromise on your comfort for looking trendy. The baggy look has been seen on many off duty top runway models and has ever since been a craze among youngsters. The USP of an oversized t-shirt is the comfort it offers the wearer. When styled properly, the humble t-shirt can make for a stunning street style look.

Here are some ways you can style your oversized t-shirt for a unique look:

  1. Tie it up: Oversized t-shirts tend to be loose-fitting, leaving extra room for styling. You can try tying the extra fabric up on your left or right side or try tying it up in a crop top style. The knot adds another accent to the whole outfit and gives an effortless look. There are many ways in which you can tie up your oversized t-shirt. Most of these styles of tying up are simple and do not take too much time, so you can experiment with your look without wasting a lot of time.
  2. Layer it: You can easily pair an oversized t-shirt with any of your other items of clothing, like long sleeve shirts. Simply wear the t-shirt under a shirt or wear it over the shirt. Both ways will result in a stylish look, giving two different aesthetics. If you want to go for an effortlessly chic look, you can wear the t-shirt over the shirt and tuck it in. Adding accessories will elevate the look. For a laid back, tomboy-ish look, you can simply wear a t-shirt and then wear the shirt over it for a casual look.
  3. Tuck it in: This is one of the classic ways to style an oversized t-shirt. Simply tuck in your t-shirt for a simple, casual look. You can wear your t-shirt with jeans, shorts, skirts; basically any bottoms. Just tuck the t-shirt into your bottoms for an effortlessly cool look. A pro of this kind of style is that it takes very little time yet manages to give a stylish and comfortable look. You can even layer your t-shirt with a long sleeve shirt and tuck them both into your bottoms to add some character to your look. You can even do the half-tuck into your bottoms for the ultimate street casual look.
  4. Crop it: Crop tops are a major trend these days, everyone seems to be sporting one. Oversized t-shirts come in various colours and have different kinds of designs on them. Since a crop top is generally well fitted, you can cut your t-shirt to your desired cropped length to make yourself an oversized crop top. You can use the extra fabric to make a pair of shorts or a skirt as well. The loose-fitting crop top will give you the effortless, street-chic look that many people have been seen sporting. If you don’t want to cut your t-shirt, you can use elastic around your waist to tuck the extra fabric inside the t-shirt or you can tie it behind your back.
  5. Wear it like a skirt: Yes, a t-shirt can also be worn as a skirt. Oversized t-shirts give you a lot of extra space to work with. You can slip into it like a skirt and tie the arms of the t-shirt around your waist like a bow, in front of you or behind you. The shirt will fit like an a-line skirt and make for a cool statement outfit. The graphics on the t-shirt give a cool vibe to your outfit which is surely going to be a conversation starter. If you want to experiment further, you can cut off the top 1/3rd of the t-shirt and sew in an elastic to fit around your waist. This will make it into a skirt and you can easily slip in or out of it.
  6. DIY it: There are many things you can do with an oversized t-shirt, DIY-ing it being one of them. You can customize it according to your liking and play with how you want it to look. You can buy a t-shirt in a plain colour and use techniques like tie-dye to give it a unique look or use iron-on appliques on the t-shirt for a creative look. If you are feeling creative enough and have the time, you can paint your desired design on the t-shirt. With DIY, you can create a sea of looks with one simple t-shirt.
  7. Wear it off-shoulder: Off shoulder, tops are popular among girls for the whimsical, chic look they give. For girls who love their casual styles but want to experiment a little, you can try wearing your oversized t-shirt in an off-shoulder manner. Slip in one arm through one armhole and slide the other off the shoulder. Tuck the other sleeve inside the t-shirt for a clean look. The one-shoulder style strikes the right balance between casual and chic. You can do the same with both sleeves to wear the t-shirt like a bandeau top and tie both sleeves like a bow or tuck them inside the t-shirt.
  8. Wear it sleeveless: For the ultimate tomboy look, simply wear your oversized t-shirt sans sleeves. You can either cut the sleeves off or tuck them inside the t-shirt. This is perfect for a summer outfit as it is very comfortable and stylish at the same time. This is a popular street style look that anyone can pull off with the right kind of styling. Wear it with fitted or baggy jeans with a pair of sneakers and you are good to go.

These are some of the most popular ways of wearing an oversized t-shirt. All of these awesome ideas will make for a great outfit and look great on many different body types. This is a style you do not want to miss, as there are very few like this which can give you style and comfort at once.