For a memorable occasion!

There are no two opinions that a wedding is a memorable occasion in a couple’s life. Making it stand out and be the conversation starter even after years is within your reach now as you have the Wedding Photography Melbourn. With a professional recording of the whole event in still photos and in videos the entire objective can be achieved easily.

The service provider:

You will never go in search of another service provider when it comes to filming a wedding and making it to resemble nothing short of a well made movie in terms of technical quality and creativity.

Salient features:

  1. They employ a single photographer to complete the whole process as per the requirements of the client.
  2. The packages are available on the webpage and you can what best suits your requirements.
  3. You can also have a complementary consultation to decide on a custom made package for you.
  4. The locations are mentioned on the webpage for you choose.
  5. The price of filming videos on location can also be estimated by filling in the required format with details to be decided in consultation with the client.
  6. The photos are of high quality which will represent the cultural background the client has chosen, and the lighting, the location and other details will be in the format decided upon.
  7. The videos will contain all the details that are recorded on the site and include the background music chosen by the client. The length of the video will be decided by the client.
  8. The videos will also have the recordings of the speeches and other aspects as they happen during the ceremony.
  9. The product will be delivered in the format of usb drive.
  10. You can contact them on the numbers provided on the webpage or by sending a mail which they respond to immediately.
  11. A single professional will be appointed for all whole ceremony.
  12. Not a single moment will be missed and every detail will be recorded as it happens during the wedding.

What old clients say?

It would be helpful to read the happy reviews given by the clients of Wedding Photography Melbourn so that you can be rest assured of their services and be content that the project is in good hands. The videos of the clients are also available if you care to watch before making a decision.