Toddlers are like little adventurers who learn by doing. Playing offers your child a great chance to practice and develop new skills. At their phase by following their distinct interests. The playthings and toys your child has available in molding their distinct interests. The 1 year old toys can boost their development in different ways. There are a broad array of toys that have been produced for the toddler market. Checking at any store can be overwhelming with a lot of fuzzy, cute, and colorful things.

You have to ensure looking for toys that are challenging yet not too advanced. By following the age-appropriate toys that are easy to clean and safe to play with. Look for toys that are durable, safe, educational, age-appropriate, and easy to use.

Consider these things when buying toys for baby

  • It’s safe for your baby
  • Toys with tiny parts are unsafe for infants, they’d be marked for an older age range. You need to check first the components of the toy and know how it’s made.
  • It promotes physical activity
  • Some toys entail more action than only sitting on the floor playing. Like toys that need the child to push or walk before they light up. Toys like this don’t need to be the greatest and newest, think of the classic toys you might play with.
  • It uplift learning
  • Toys that make noises or light up can be fun, yet ensure they restore your child’s mind. They’re so young that can learn and pick up on things quickly. Invest in toys that demand for the child to think or problem solve critically to build or play with.
  • It motivates creativity
  • Kids want to use their imaginations, thus ensure you’re providing them toys that promote this. Toys that serve your child’s distinct interests can be great. Sometimes yet also pull back a little and ensure you’re providing them a chance to make toys fun for themselves.
  • It gives a multi-sensory experience
  • Look for toys for your baby that do not only one thing. Toys that make noise, light up, and have various textures will seize your child more than a toy that lights up simply. These types of toys have been shown to aid children, especially those who have special needs. That reduces stress, stop behaviors, and offer various type of stimulation.

Check out the best toys to entertain and educate 1-year-olds

  • Battat Wooden Activity Cube
  • This solid cube was created mindfully with curved corners to aid prevent bruises and bumps.
  • Edushape Fun Z balls
  • These balls are fantastic for sensory play and have three balls of different colors.
  • Toomies Hide & Squeak Eggs
  • These aids develop fine motor skills and sensory and have a colorful face that complements the chick on the inside.