A Rolex is certainly one’s prized possession. Yet due to mishandling or poor maintenance, the same prized possession may get worn out or completely damaged. While Rolex watches are well known for their durability, it is better to get your watch serviced at a reliable Rolex Center (ศูนย์ Rolex, which is the term in Thai) every ten years, unless you want them to eventually start showing you the wrong time. Especially with the vintage models, they need to be handled with care and require more frequent servicing. With time, for all mechanical watches like Rolex, the lubricant wears off increasing friction causing the slow wearing down of the mechanism. 

Tips To Take Care Of Your Rolex Watch

  • Wearing It Frequently 

A Rolex watch is a statement and you need to wear it more often. Many to protect their watch try to wear it on the less frequent special occasions. This does your Rolex more harm than good. Your Rolex was meant to be worn and when you do wear it more often, your consistent movement helps your watch. Keeping it static for long causes the lubrication to harden, jamming up your watch’s operation.

  • Winding Your Rolex

Your watch needs winding and most Rolex watches have an automated mechanism that prevents you from over-winding your watch. Therefore you can easily wind your Rolex watch yourself. Place your watch on a clean, soft surface and unfasten the screw to the crown to position two. Now wind it about 30 – 40 times and screw in the crown back to its original state. Wear it and slowly move your hand or keep the watch on the surface for a while, for it to start again. If winding your watch does not work, take it to a trustworthy Rolex Center for repairing.

  • Cleaning Your Rolex

This step is for the Rolex watches that are waterproof. Make sure the crown is tightly screwed in its place. Use mild soap and warm water to wash and rinse your Rolex and then wipe off with a clean and soft cloth. Do this every other week to retain that classic Rolex luster. And if your Rolex has a metal bracelet, once a month make sure to clean the watch’s nooks and corners with a soft brush. For leather straps, there are also specialized cleaners to retain the ‘new’ supple look. 

If your Rolex looks worn out, has received some scratches, and needs polishing or complete servicing, take your Rolex to a reputable Rolex Center to have it retain its original grand features.