If you are planning on purchasing diamonds, it is very important for you to understand the main points of lab grown diamond vs mined diamonds. Without a fair idea of the two types of Diamonds- mined and lab grown, you will not be able to select the best one for yourself. Although a lot of other factors also contribute to the demand for the two types of Diamonds, yet some of the main points include its price, composition, beginning, and source. This article will help the customers to get an idea about the difference and make the best selection.


The first point in lab grown diamond vs mined diamonds is that of their composition. Both the mined diamonds as well as the lab grown diamonds have the same physical as well as chemical composition. The only difference is that the lab grown diamonds are made with the help of manually controlled temperature. Diamonds are nothing but a solid form of carbon that takes years and decades to be formed into something so precious.  When you are learning about the relation between lab grown diamonds and mined diamonds, you should get a fair idea about their composition.


Scientists have been trying to come up with the best quality lab grown diamonds since the 1800s. However, they have not been able to come up with the most appropriate mechanisms to produce diamonds. General Electronics tried to produce diamonds in the year 1995 and was successful in it but the quality was really bad. It was only recently that modern technology allowed the creation of lab grown diamonds. This is the greatest point of lab grown diamond vs mined diamonds.


Another point of difference between the labs grown diamond vs mined diamonds is their price. The price of lab grown diamonds is much cheaper than that of the mined diamonds. The main reason behind the difference in price is that the cost of miners is eliminated. This helps them to save some money in the initial phase and make the diamonds available to the customers at a much affordable rate. Research has shown that lab grown diamonds cost 70% less than mined diamonds which makes it easy for people belonging to a lower economic stratum to purchase and adorn Diamonds just like their superiors.


The fourth point in Lab grown diamond vs mined diamonds is its source. This is one of the biggest differences to be taken into consideration. Lab grown diamonds are made in laboratories and can be traced back to the lab that it was created in. However, the source of the mined diamond is different, as the true originality of a mined diamond is always unknown or unsure. Therefore, whenever you hear phrases like “clean diamonds” and “conflict-free diamonds”, don’t get swayed away. These are just for the sake of marketing. It has been seen that the diamonds come in contact with more than 30-40 hands from the time it is mined till the time it reaches the customer.