We read or hear the following things about women, they are all accepting, adaptive, a woman is a miracle of divine contradictions, a woman’s work is never done she works all day long to keep her family together happy. She justifies every role she plays, be it, daughter, sister, wife, mother, or grandmother. Maybe that is why the famous saying prevails behind every successful man there is a woman.

We often take our mother for granted especially because she is the carer of our family she wakes up at the crack of dawn and from the moment she does her household chores if she is working women she manages the chores and as well as the office. 

We do need to show appreciation and gratitude towards the women in our lives they are the silent member of our family they do loads of work without complaining or getting tired they do need a holiday but with all the competition in the world, we hardly get time our me time let alone give the women of our family some free time. So, if not a break from regular duties we can give appreciate them for all the handwork and their small gestures make our lives easier. Mankind created the concept of festivals first celebrate their respective religion and another one is to give themselves a break from the routine and spend time with our loved one’s friends and family.

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