No matter how beautiful your dress, if your bra is not your ideal size, you will never be able to create that effect. Unfortunately, many women wear the wrong size bra, and they have no idea about it. The size of our bust and overall physique changes over time. First, A cup of bra can be changed into B or C cup bra-?

A woman’s body undergoes many changes from puberty to pregnancy and beyond. All those who are very much in the gym and exercise will also face constant change in their figures. The change is subtle, but you should change the size of your bra instead of applying it on the same old bra.

The size of the bra depends mainly on the brand itself. There are different types of brands, and each brand has a bra size calculator online available on their website or a chart. So, you will need to be cautious about buying a bra from a new brand. The safest advice for these situations is to know the correct size before buying a bra.

How to get your bra size?

A bra size calculator can help you a lot in determining you’re actual size. Or a bra size calculator chart designed by each brand can help you choose the right fit. You can measure breasts using just one inch of tape. But all this is not very common today.

Most of the time, women go to buy bras, the number and outlook (style, fabric, and print) is the only thing they focus on. But there are many more in bras that require your attention before making the final choice. Many factors help you to make your perfect fit. That includes;

  • Bra Cups – For Better Breast Coverage.
  • Underwire- This serves to better support the bust.
  • Straps – They are shaped to cover the cups near the body.
  • Band- A band is important because it ensures your breasts to stay fixed in their place.

If all of the above things are perfectly compatible, then you have found what you were looking for. Let us give you a little instruction on how to measure your bust with the help of a bra size calculator.

How to measure your bra size?

Measuring of Band– Band measurement should be the first step. You have to make sure that the band fits without tightening.

Measuring your Bust– The bust is the major part, so you need to be cautious while measuring it. Wrap the measurement tape around the breast. The tape should not be either too tight or too loose. In short, it should be at the most comfortable level. Any measurement you get is your cup size.

You can use a bra size calculator

When you are always unsure about your ideal bra size, you can take the help of an online bra size calculator. These bra size calculators are designed in every way to help you find your proper size.