Playsets can convert your simple backyard into an amazing wonderland. Unlike the playground, you can easily set them up outside your house and allow your toddlers on it as much as they can. 

However, shopping for a playset is a challenging process. Plus, there are many choices out there and even conflicting pieces of advice, making the decision-making process more difficult. 

Here are useful tips that will help you pick the best birthday gift for your little ones to enjoy to ease your burden.

Space Requirements

Space is the most essential factor you need to look after in choosing the best playset for your house. It must be big enough to cater to the spacing needs of the toys and kids who’ll play on it. Just imagine, your child will jump and swing on it. You need to at least allot enough room for these activities. 

In buying surprise gifts, it’s much better if you’ll read The Recommended Safety Zone. This contains the appropriate areas that must be given for playsets. For example, it must be approximately a six-foot perimeter around the playset. Also, check for any electrical wires and low-hanging branches, which are a possible safety hazard or hinder using a gift set. 


Basically, the structural elements of the playset vary from metal to plastic. Every material has its advantages and disadvantages because there’s no real universal perfect material you can select from

In a nutshell, you should identify the material of the gift set you’re planning to buy. This is because the material itself will guide you on the proper maintenance and longevity of the set. In addition to that, be aware that playsets are not equally created. Each of them has unique maintenance requirements, unique strengths, and costs. 

How Long Will Your Children Use The Set

The longevity of the usage will depend on the size, sturdiness, and accessories. However, a good and durable playset with age-appropriate accessories can last ten years or even more. 

How Your Children Play When They Grow 

Like any other thing about children, the way they play changes. In fact, they undergo some phases of social play and physical play. For infants, they are just starting to push infant swings. 

Then, after one or two years, they begin to slide and climb with age-appropriate play elements. During the early stage, they tend to develop their bonding with an adult participating or supervising their activity.

As soon as they reach two to five years old, they use the playset more. In this phase, children test their strength, balance, and coordination. They start angled climbing walls and ladders etc. They also begin interacting with their siblings and peers. 


Whether you’re planning to shop birthday gifts online or locally, it needs your efforts to assemble it. If you’re thinking of putting it together yourself, consider the needed time to assemble it and your DIY skills. It varies depending on whether you purchase a domestic set, an imported set, or a kit. 

Most domestic playsets are easy to assemble. In contrast, imported sets are more challenging to create. However, if you’re more comfortable putting together kits, experts will be enough for you. 

Environmental Concerns

Some manufacturers take care of making their products green too. For example, many playsets are made with recycled materials. Plus, there are plenty of plastic-free gift sets on the market too. 

In addition to playing outdoors, your kids can also play inside. And they can also enjoy playground activities, whether it’s soft flooring or table cloth.

Kids really love to play, and play is vital for their physical, emotional and social development. Children must have time to play so that they can begin the process of self-directed motion, stimulated by the environment and others. They need time to explore, experiment with their surroundings and learn about themselves through movement.

Final thoughts

Purchasing an educational gift set does not need to be intimidating or confusing, especially if you know how to do it properly. 

However, if you plan to take up this task independently, it will be a good idea to consult with your kids’ toy specialists or parents. They can guide you on the suitable playset that best suits your child’s personality and play habits.