Have you seen the gorgeous choker necklaces worn by the princesses in the movies? These masterpieces match well with a beautiful attire and make your presence grander. The chokers are back in action in the contemporary fashion world. With new designs and features, a choker necklace can be adorned with western apparel. The chic effect will make you look like a diva.

Latest Choker Necklace Trends to Follow

Whether you want to go casual or attend a social gathering, a choker necklace can become the star attraction in your ensemble. All you need to do is to find the right piece complementing your attire perfectly. Do not get confused while choosing. Find the best trends cited by the experts to choose from.

The style varies from traditional designs to classic western patterns. The traditional designs complement well with the ethnic wear whereas the western-style designs go well with the modern western outfits.

  • Gold Chokers

When it is all about jewellery, nothing can beat the aura of gold. This noble metal has been the prime choice for choker jewellery sets. Studded with beautiful gems in the intricate designs, the golden choker necklaces are a part and parcel of a girl’s wardrobe. The heavier designs are chosen for heavier and multicoloured outfits whereas the minimalist creations are paired with the party dresses.

The best choker for girls should be chosen according to the attire you want to go with. For cocktail dresses, always choose a minimal design so that you can draw attention to your dress too. Gorgeous heavier dresses like lehenga or embellished sarees will need a heavier golden choker design to pair with. Go for the bib chokers to look like a goddess.

  • Leather Chokers

Yes! You heard it right. Chokers made of leather are a fashion statement now. You can adorn them with your chic western outfits. Even simple tops paired with skinny-fit jeans will also go well with these chokers. The black leather chokers with simple designs offer a minimalist tone to your ensemble.  These chokers have the simplest repeated shapes and loops that make them worth collecting. This type of chokers cost less but adds a unique attribute to your modern attire.

  • Velvet Chokers

If the metallic chokers tickle your neck then go for these beautiful velvet chokers. These chokers generally have a simple design with a single gem pendant hanging from them. The velvet part sticks with your neck in a comfortable way. The use of velvet fabric will also deliver a brilliant tinge. The bright and dark blends of the same fabric offer a stunning attribute for your attire. In some designs, you can also change the pendants as per your choice. This choker design is a good choice for strapless and off-shoulder gowns.

  • Ethnic Choker Necklace Designs

This is the ultimate section where the Indian ladies will go crazy. Like always, the traditional chokers necklace designs are the most popular choices for weddings, festivals or any celebration. The fabulous Kundan chokers are heavier and bigger in design and grandness. When you are planning to wear a gorgeous bling saree then choose the right blouse and a complementing traditional choker to drop some jaws on the way. You can go for the gold-plated or yellow diamond chokers to give a beautiful shine to your attire.

  • Rhinestone Chokers

Back in the 90s, the rhinestone chokers were a mandatory part of a girl’s jewellery box. These choker designs offer colourful patterns fabricated using rhinestones of different textures. These chokers can be paired well with western outfits. The prime issue with these chokers is that you have to choose the ideal design according to your age and dress. A juvenile choice will not go well with your bold cocktail dress. On the other hand, a simple monochromatic rhinestone choker necklace can pair well with any dress.

  • Stranded Chokers

This is the new twist of the 21st Century in this segment. By definition, a choker is a necklace that fits closer to your neck. The circumference of its design is less than traditional necklace designs. In this category, a designer necklace with multiple strands forms concentric loops around your neck. This choker can be a simple strand wrapped around your neck. It can also have a simple and chaste pendant hanging from the lowest strand. Choose these choker designs for your simplest attires. A solid-coloured gown will be the perfect dress to wear with your golden or silver chokers with simple yet appealing pendants.

  • Multilayered Chokers

This designer necklace is a multilayered version where one layer is followed by another layer. In most of the designs, these multilayered chokers cover your entire neck. Also, this design is for ethnic celebration wear.

Final words

These are the trending choker designs for you to choose and make a remarkable style statement on a special day.